Classic undress in the best possible taste. Honest


More you-know-whats…

This artistic shot comes courtesy of photographer Daniel Forster, who has emailed with another helpful suggestion for the 49er boys and their boatJackie Big T:

‘They should just use a copy of the 12m Vanity’s spinnaker. Seen during the Valencia 12 Metre event.’

Another great photographer, Guy Gurney, suggested a boat name I can’t possibly use (!) but also reminisced:

‘Your blog brings back happy memories of when John Freeman first hit on the name ofHoof Heartedfor his OK Dinghy, back in 1965 or 66. He didn’t stop laughing for weeks. John painted it in lurid 6 inch high letters along the side, and he would tow it behind his little MG Midget and watch to see the changing expressions on the faces of other motorists when he stopped alongside at traffic lights.

‘He eventually sold it to Robin Kemp, another rude boy.

‘A few years ago I had a Star namedSilent But Deadly. It seemed
funny at the time, but after some of your examples it seems a bit
tame now.’

And Peter Nash of Boating Business reports: ‘I seem to remember one sailor some years ago whose medical condition was immortalised when he christened his boatPile Driver…’