I've been remiss in not introducing readers of this blog to exactly who is on board Adele


It’s Sunday morning and we’ve just reached 30 degrees south. We’re
hoisting the main and will soon bear away for our final run into Rio, 500 miles away. Last night we dined under the stars on deck but for most of the voyage meals have been taken around Adele’s fine dining table in the deck saloon.

This shot(above)was taken a week ago just before we left South Georgia and I am happy to report that we are still all on board. As it’s Sunday and you’re all probably sitting round your own dining tables I thought it was appropriate – Left to right: Jennifer Osterlund, your author, Birgitta Kjellberg (friend of the owner), Nigel Ingram (project managed the build of Adele), Eef Willems (Adele’s guide in Antarctica), Jan-Eric Osterlund (Adele’s owner), Michel Ingram, Mark Chisnell (writing a book about Adele’s adventure), Lars Lind (friend of the owner).

The crew is led by Andre Engblom (skipper). Then there’s Mark Thirkettle (mate), Georgina Swan (bosun), Quinton Ross (deckhand), Paul Irvine (engineer), Clare Oliver (chef and medic), Anne Hall-Reace (chief stewardess) and Gillian Baker (stewardess).

Eighteen in all and it’s been a very happy ship. When we arrived at South Georgia we doubled the population. When we arrive in Rio de Janeiro we will barely register amongst the country’s 155 million. It’s going to be one heck of a shock when we arrive?.