A party with sailing and adventure heroes made this writer feel a little inadequate


Dame Ellen was there. So was Sir Robin. And Dee Caffari, Mike Golding, Nick Maloney, Shirley Robertson, Alex Thomson, Brian Thompson, Jonny Malbon, Artemis team mate ‘Gringo’ Graham Tourell and Miranda Merron. That’s not all. Even photographer Dan Towers of OnEdition, official photographer on this occasion and who took this picture, has a westabout circumnavigation under his belt. In fact more circumnavigations and gold medals than you could shake a spinnaker pole at. It makes this scribe’s clutch of ocean crossings all look a little paltry.

This then was, to give it its official title, Champagne G. H. Mumm’s party on board the Tall Ship Atlantis during Skandia Cowes Week for its team of ‘adventure and sailing heroes’. There was Ben Fogle who memorably rowed the Atlantic with James Cracknell, there were men who had climbed the planet’s highest peaks and dived its deepest ocean depths. There were those who had walked to both poles, dived off mountains and indulged in all kinds of unspeakable extreme sports. In all probably more adventurers than have ever been under one roof – or rather on one deck – together.

And you know what? As soon as all were on board with a glass of the sponsor’s product in hand, we were marshalled together for a safety talk.

Picture courtesy of OnEdition