How many Brits have circumnavigated solo?

The four Brits who successfully finished the recent Vendee Globe added significantly to the total number who have circumnavigated solo via the four great capes, whether non-stop or with stops. I wonder what that total is now? The list I have compiled below is of those that I know of and who are still living.

Robin Knox-Johnston
Chay Blyth
Naomi James
Richard Broadhead
David Cowper
Mike Golding
Josh Hall
Ellen MacArthur
Pete Goss
Niah Vaughan
Conrad Humphreys
Mike Garside
Dee Caffari
Emma Richards
Samantha Davies
Brian Thompson
Steve White

Who have I missed out? I’m not talking about a trade wind voyage, but a Southern Ocean circumnavigation. Drop me a line if you’ve any more names, ideally with dates and details of their voyages.