Rohan Veal's foiling Moth smashes existing record


An unlikely story if there ever was one but this one is true. Rohan Veal, the Australian pioneer of foiling Moth dinghies has just set a new solo, non stop, round the world record of 1 hour, 29 minutes and 37 seconds. I reckon that Messrs Joyon and Coville with their near 100 foot monsters will be hard pushed to beat this one.

Oh dear, I hear you say, has the Ed been at those funny mushrooms again? Well no he hasn’t and I can add that for his feat Veal has also won the Jo Verne Trophy for his effort.

I can now re-Veal all. The world is, of course, not the World but the offshore development in Dubai consisting of artificial islands put together in the shape of the World. Veal’s record, which incidentally is genuine, broke the previous fastest lap, set by a VX 40 catamaran by twelve and a half minutes.