As the season's first hurricane hits Dominica and Martinique it look to intensify to a category 4 storm


Hurricance Dean is looking very dangerous. As I write the storm is pounding the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, with the former bearing the brunt of the 100 mph plus winds. St Lucia and Guadeloupe will also be experiencing hurricane force winds and can expect significant damage. The islands from Grenada to Antigua will be experiencing storm force winds.

As Dean proceeds west at about 25 mph he will intensify rapidly to a category 3 storm (111mph – 130 mph) then is forecast to increase to category 4 (131 mph – 155mph). As the diagram shows Dean is forecast to track south of Jamaica but slap bang over the Cayman Islands. In 2004 95% of houses and buildings were damaged or destroyed in the Caymans by Hurricane Ivan.