Andrew Dare

Marine Professional

Andrew Dare

I have worked in most areas of the marine world all my life, after first sailing on a friends mirror dinghy aged 10. I crossed the Atlantic aged 19,  & returned  to  get my Yachtmaster certificate & start my first skippers job, aged 21, on a 100 year old gaff cutter.

I have sailed most types of boats, from dinghies to superyachts, including some pretty bizarre vessels, such as an inflatable sailing catamaran, & even a traditional South American reed boat.

Sailing has taken me round the worlds oceans, from the Arctic to Antarctic, & some pretty unique places too, such as sailing on Lake Titicaca at 3,812m (12,507 feet).  But, I have also sailed in some of the worlds warmer places too – such as the Caribbean & SE Asia !

Working with Challenge Business, I taught many thousands of people to sail  for three round the world races & made some great lifelong friends along the way

Also, I have spent many years in various boatyards, both inside & under boats, undertaking some large structural projects. This has always proved useful at sea, especially in the middle of an ocean, where things always go wrong, or break, when there is no one to help. This is where that boatyard experience really pays off.

I have always photographed everything I do and have have been published worldwide in the yachting press, national newspapers & have even been known to make the odd appearance on the TV too.

I am always searching out the new viewpoints & its quite common to see me in the water in my drysuit & a waterproof camera – even amongst the ice in the polar regions.