Nick Moloney reports on bumps in the night

‘I had a high speed collision with something really hard during the night, definitely not a fish, more like a log, but something very big. I was on deck taking a reef, as I’ve got between 25 and 38 knots of wind, and I was in cockpit we slammed in. It was like running aground, the bow went completely underwater, just a horrendous crash. Only thing I could inspect was the rudders and they were fine, but I’m sure it hit the rudders…it felt like we skipped over some rocks. Very heavy impact. Really slowed the boat up, when it gets daylight I’ll take a better look. The worst bit was that you suddenly become overpowered, the boats nose-dived, and you don’t know what to release first. You are knocked off your feet, its all a bit of a ********. I’m now sleeping with my feet forward again’