The battle for the lead is on as the Global Challenge fleet races towards Sydney, Australia

The Global Challenge fleet has left Wellington, New Zealand for their third leg of the round the world race.

With the majority of the fleet in the north, VAIO regains the lead after SAIC La Jolla, sitting south at the time pulled ahead yesterday in light winds. SAIC La Jolla has now dropped back to fifth place.

It’s a close pack with positions constantly changing. Pindar is now three miles ahead of Imagine It. Done who have dropped to the back of the pack from fourth position.

Leaderboard DTF

VAIO 736nm

Samsung 738nm Team Stelmar 738nm BP Explorer 739nm BG SPIRIT 740nm SAIC La Jolla 741nm Barclays Adventurer 742nm Team Save the Children 742nm Spirit of Sark 742nm Me to You 748nm Pindar 749nm Imagine It. Done. 752nm Skipper Paul Kelly from Team Save the Children said yesterday: “Very close racing, trying to stay as close to the rhumb line as possible. Going into some lighter wind now so just trying to keep the boat moving. Expecting stronger winds in 24 hours so trying to set ourselves up in a position where we can take advantage of this.”