Imagine It. Done protest leaves VAIO three points down in leg 3 of Global Challenge

As the Global Challenge boats were heading towards Sydney, Imagine It. Done protested against VAIO for a port/starboard incident.

Race organisers, Challenge Business today confirmed the International Jury’s decisions and concluded that Imagine It. Done. was close hauled on starboard tack for some time when VAIO approached close hauled on port tack. Imagine It. Done. called VAIO ‘starboard’ several times as the boats were on a collision course, and they bore away and eased the mainsail when approximately one length from VAIO and passed astern of VAIO.

VAIO is to be penalised three points and the positions and points of other boats will remain unchanged. This means that VAIO will move down the overall leader board from joint fifth to joint seventh.

After the hearing, Skipper Dee Caffari from Imagine It. Done. commented: “I’m relieved that the safety element highlighted by the protest was upheld by the jury, so everyone is a lot more confident with each other out on the water.

“It raises awareness across the whole fleet that there are heavy penalties awarded for infringements.”

When asked how this might affect her relationship with skipper of VAIO, Amedeo Sorrentino she quickly concluded: “This has nothing to do with personal relationships. It’s purely about being on the water and doing my job as a professional skipper.”

Commenting on behalf of VAIO, Pat Green explained: “I’m naturally disappointed that we’ve been docked three points as result of the protest but that’s yacht racing. We’ll put this behind us and it’ll motivate us to race harder and faster in the remaining legs.”

The leader board of leg three is as follows:

1 BG SPIRIT (15 points)

2 SAIC La Jolla (14)

3 Me to You (13)

5 BP Explorer (11)

6= Samsung (10)

6= Pindar (10*)

7 Spirit of Sark (9)

8 Team Stelmar (8)

9 Barclays Adventurer (7)

11 Team Save the Children (5)

12= Imagine It. Done. (4)

12= VAIO (3)

* Pindar has carried over a two point penalty from the loss of their 2.2oz spinnaker on Leg 2