Imagine It. Done's rendezvous with Team Save the Children, to receive vital medical equipment for sick crew member was successful

Imagine It. Done’s rendezvous with Team Save the Children, to receive vital medical equipment for John Masters, has been a success. The yacht is now enroute to the Chatham Islands and Team Save the Children is back racing.

The yachts are their best safety net in the event of medical emergencies and they will always stop racing to help a stricken rival – a practice shared throughout the sport.

Team Save the Children had a disappointing first leg, where they had their own share of angst, but came storming back in Leg 2. However, they had no hesitation in suspending racing immediately to assist Imagine It. Done.

Paul Kelly, skipper of Team Save The Children sent through the following message to Race HQ: “Re-joined leg 2 of the Global Challenge at 19.02 GMT from the exact position suspended racing. All well on board.”

Now, Imagine It. Done is continuing to motor sail as quickly as possible to the Chatham Islands where John will receive further medical assistance. The yacht is making good speed north with a current ETA to the islands predicted to be this Friday.

Elsewhere in the fleet the race must go on. Back out in the lead is Spirit of Sark (taken from the 28 Dec, 20.00 GMT Race Viewer), with a slim lead of 7 miles. BP Explorer is clamping down hard in second and fighting a northern battle between third and forth is Samsung and BG SPIRIT – a mere six miles apart.

The southerly yachts are experiencing lighter winds with a good knot less in yacht speed, compared to the front-runners. Me to You and VAIO are currently in a head to head battle for fifth place – a spot currently occupied by Me to You with just a two-mile advantage.

With Team Save the Children now back racing they are holding more of a middle ground amongst the fleet, which could stand them in good stead as the make endeavours to catch the rest of the fleet.