Medical emergency forces Global Challenge yacht to stop racing and head for Chatham Island

The Global Challenge Race Office today (28th December 2004) confirmed that due to a medical emergency onboard Imagine It. Done, skippered by Dee Caffari, the yacht has stopped racing in Leg 2 (Buenos Aires to Wellington).

The yacht is now proceeding as fast as possible towards Chatham Island to seek urgent medical assistance for John Masters a core Crew Volunteer.

John has been unwell for several days but his condition has deteriorated and the onboard doctor, in consultation with Dr Spike Briggs (fleet medical officer) and the A & E department at Derriford hospital Plymouth, [has] deemed it necessary to seek assistance.

Everyone else on the yacht, and across the Global Challenge fleet, [is] safe and well and the conditions are currently good.

Imagine It. Done. and the nearest yacht, Team Save the Children, will rendezvous later today so that additional medical stores can be transferred to Imagine It. Done. before proceeding to Chatham Island which is nearly 800 miles away and 400 miles east of Wellington.