We ask top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest and most innovative yachts of our times. Enrico Chieffi nominates the Star class

The coolest boat, for sure, is the Star, writes Enrico Chieffi. Clearly, on one side it’s for personal reasons, because I was World Champion, but it’s a 100-year-old design and it’s so modern in its way.

The Star is a very unbalanced boat and to find the right balance is kind of an art. But when you find it, it’s like getting fine music from a piano.

It gives you feelings like no other boat. When you find the right rig tune it is gorgeous, unique.

Star action on 24 August. Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell lead the Spanish and Danes – photo Peter Bentley/PPL

Star action on 24 August. Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell lead. Photo: Peter Bentley/PPL

Sailing now is evolving very quickly into foiling, and I love it. But at the same time the beauty of these old classes is mainly that they are slow.

In a slow boat like the Star, the Etchells or the Dragon, the tactics and tricks and positioning in the fleet, managing the race course, is much more important.

So it’s a different kind of pleasure.

But when I am 80, I will start sailing the Moth. I am waiting to get fit for that.

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Star stats rating:

Top speed: 18 knots
LOA: 6.922m
Launched: 1911
Berths: 0
Price: US$2,500+
Adrenalin factor: 35%

Enrico Chieffi

Olympian Enrico Chieffi, 55, won the 470 World Championship in 1985 with his brother, Tommaso. In 1996, he won the Star World Championship with Roberto Sinibaldi.

Chieffi has competed at the highest levels, as navigator in the Admiral’s Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup. He is now vice-president of Nautor’s Swan.

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