The DAME Design Award-nominated KF Eco Concept furlers replace aluminium components with sustainable linen, reports DAME jury member Elaine Bunting


French company Karver Systems produces some of the best designed and engineered furlers, halyard locks, blocks and sheaves on the market. It has also been trying to improve the sustainability credentials of its products as well and has now brought out a line of continuous furlers that use linen fibres and bio resin, one of which is the KF Eco Concept furler.

The KF Eco Concept is a new series of furlers that replaces the traditional aluminium wheel with a composite material made from linen. Other elements normally made in machined aluminium have been replaced with stainless steel cast parts, using fewer raw materials and giving the unit a theoretically longer life.

Facnor FD190 flat deck furler

Although not a new product, this webbing line furler is rarely seen outside of French performance cruising yachts, writes Rupert Holmes.…


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Over the next few years Karver Systems intend to gradually roll this idea out over their entire line. They hope it means that they will significantly lower the environmental impact of their products.

The KF Eco Concept furler is beautifully finished. For anyone who prefers the modern classic look, the unit is also available in wood veneer finish. The series is available in eight sizes for yachts of 10-100ft, with workloads up to 20 tonnes.

As a price guide, the 3.0 designed for yachts of 30-40ft is priced at €1,625 ex VAT.

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