The Garmin MSC-10 satellite compass is the latest in a new breed of on board satellite compasses that not only integrates well into existing navigation systems but uses the newest GPS technology to help pinpoint boat location. 

The Garmin MSC-10 satellite compass uses GPS derived data, instead of the earth’s magnetic field, to calculate a boat’s heading and is therefore unaffected by magnetic interference. 

It works across four satellite constellations – GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou, with this many data points being collected by the Garmin MSC-10 satellite compass it can offer an extremely precise bearing and position. 

The MSC-10 position updates at a rate of 10Hz. Which is a refresh rate of ten every second. 

Heading accuracy is stated to be within two degrees. The unit also provides precise pitch, roll and heave data, ideal for heading into choppy water.


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The MSC 10 can be integrated into many systems on your yacht, such as the auto-pilot, which need accurate and up to date steering data.

Garmin’s latest satellite compass uses a mixture of the latest technologies and simpler ones to give you several layers of redundancy when planning your blue water voyages. 

It has a built-in magnetometer for use in the unlikely event of satellite signals being temporarily lost. 

The MSC 10 is also relatively small and easy to install.

While the The Garmin MSC-10 compass might not be the cheapest on the market it is certainly competitive with other brands out there.

It has excellent connectivity and redundancy which give great peace of mind when attempting a long or potentially treacherous voyage where the auto pilot is likely to come into play.  

Price: £900.

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