Rupert Holmes takes a look at the latest version of the Flax 27, a yacht which already featured impressive green credentials

The Flax 27 was one of the stand-out boats at Boot Düsseldorf in 2019. It’s a work of art that showcases what can be achieved with natural fibre and bio-resins. Now, builder Greenboats has updated the model bringing in several changes to a yacht that had already been hailed as ‘almost too good to be true.’

When Matt Sheahan took a closer look at the Flax 27 for Yachting World back in 2020, he was impressed by the way her green credentials married up with a good looking boat, that almost appeared too normal for people to understand how revolutionary she is.

Once again what can be seen with the naked eye is just a small part of what makes the new version so impressive. Outwardly the biggest difference between the new boat and the original is a more spacious open cockpit.

However, much has changed behind the scenes. Arguably the biggest differences are in the production processes that have reduced the time taken to complete the boat from 3,000 hours to 1,000.

This means it can be series-built on a relatively small scale at a price that’s appropriate to this part of the market, although the clear resin finish is not standard.
Nevertheless, Greenboats still sees it as being the equivalent of the Tesla Roadster and the company promises much more in three, five and 10 years’ time.

Flax 27 specifications:

LOA: 8.2m 26ft 11in
LWL: 6.9m 22ft 8in
Beam: 2.25m 7ft 7in
Draught: 1.4m 4ft 7in
Lifting keel: 0.6-1.4m 2ft-4ft7in
Price: €129,600 ex-VAT.

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