We've trawled through all the wetsuit offers we can find, to bring you the best Black Friday wetsuit deals available in the 2022 sales

For watersports activities, the correct heat retaining, technical clothing is imperative, particularly in the winter when the water temperature can drop to as low as 7°C. If you want to stay out on the water through the colder months and even in summer if you are likely to get wet then a wetsuit is an essential bit of kit. We’ve trawled through all the sales to pick out the best Black Friday wetsuit deals so you don’t have to.

Neoprene wetsuits (longjohns) or steamers (generally full length with long sleeves and high fitting collar) that fit like a second skin are among the most popular options for winter wear not least because of their heat retaining properties.

Sor summer use, many also go for the longohn option which provides freedom of movement in your arms while also offering maximum protection for your legs. But for really warm weather a shortie wetsuit is preffered by some, which will keep your trunk warm but keeps your arms and legs free from constricting neoprene.

Generally speaking for a cold water wetsuit you need between 3.2–5.3mm neoprene thickness and, although most wetsuits/steamers are fairly versatile, it is wise to choose one designed specifically for the sport intended.

For summer, you’ll want to look for a wetsuit that is 3mm or thinner, which will offer better flexibility but will retain heat less well.

For dinghy sailing, choose one that has reinforcements in the seat and knees, the areas that are exposed to friction. Also you’ll find dinghy sailing wetsuits are generally constructed using slightly thinner neoprene under the arms and high stress areas to aid flexibility and to help avoid pinching.

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Best Black Friday wetsuit deals

dhb Hydron Sleeveless Wetsuit 2.0
In the world of triathlon wetsuit makers, dhb is a well-known and respected brand. This sleeveless wetsuit should offer plenty of movement in the arms for those swimming in warmer conditions. It features 3mm material on the torso and 2.5mm around the legs, so it should keep you warm while allowing you to move easily.
It is pitched at the beginner open water swimming market and has a price to match, but it should provide everything you need from a swimming wetsuit in all but the coldest of weather. It’s currently on sale via Wiggle.
Was: £110
Now: £75 at wiggle.co.uk

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dhb Hydron Women’s Sleeveless Wetsuit 2.0
This women’s version of the Hydron Sleevless Wetsuit is also in Wiggle’s Black Friday sale and offers all the same features as the men’s suit. The cut is female-specific, so should fit a women’s frame.
It’s a pet peeve of mine that often performance wear for women is priced at a premium over and above the same kit for men, so it’s a positive that the RRP for this suit is the same as the men’s – and it is reduced for Black Friday by the same amount.
Was: £110
Now: £75 at wiggle.co.uk

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Olaian 900 Men’s 3/2mm neoprene surfing wetsuit
Olaian is Decathlon’s in-house name for their wetsuit range. I have not specifically tried any of their wetsuits, but I have extensively tested many of their other watersports equipment and clothing and they are always decent quality for the price.
This men’s surfing wetsuit comes without a zip, which is my preference for wetsuits as it makes them much comfier to wear over a prolonged period. It uses 2 and 3mm material so, again, is not something you would want to wear in the depths of winter but it will be good for the rest of the year – and possibly for short periods in colder months if we are going to be particularly physically active.
Was: £179.99
Now: £119.99 at Decathlon

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Olaian Women’s 3/4mm neoprene surfing wetsuit
This women’s surfing wetsuit from the huge French brand, Decathlon also a front zipper, which does make wetsuits a little comfier to wear over long periods of time compared to a full length back zip. The suit is made from 3/4mm neoprene so will be usable in fairly cold weather.
Decathlon say they have designed this specifically with surfing in mind, so focus is on freedom of movement in the arms. This should mean it can double up as a wild swimming suit too, but may limit leg movement in favour of overall warmth.
Was: £199.99 
Now: £129.99 at Decathlon

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Mountain Warehouse sale

If you’re in the UK and are looking for a really cheap wetsuit, Mountain Warehouse have a range of wetsuits significantly reduced in price. Some of the very cheapest options may not last all that well, but if you are looking for a wetsuit for children (who are likely to grow out of their wetsuit quickly) there are plenty of options.

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