Toby Hodges looks at the first smartwatch designed for sailing
Price €399 (£311) for the watch and app and €400 (£312) for the multiplexer


This is the first smartwatch I have seen that is designed for sailing – and it’s as neat to use as it looks, fusing the sailor’s thirst for gadgetry with high-street technology. The Astra Esa watch means you can view your instruments on your wrist – if at a rather dinky size. It uses wi-fi to connect to onboard instruments so the watch can display performance information.

The Astra Esa watch has pre-installed software to allow it to show real-time performance data including TWA, speed and polar target data. It will also function autonomously using its own built-in GPS, including an excellent pre-start screen that includes time to burn. It is possible to use both an existing onboard router or Astra’s own Gamp multiplexer.Esa watch 1

This is not to forget, however, that the Esa watch is still essentially a smartphone, offering full Android capabilities. So it includes a SIM card for calls, text and email, as well as a camera, so can be used just like a modern mobile. The fact that it is wrist-mounted may suit those on the move, whether on the foredeck, or up the rig.

The small screen size does make it a bit fiddly to operate for those, like me, who lack dainty digits. But the resolution is crisp enough to make for a quick and novel way to glance at the numbers.

This high-tech sailing watch is waterproof and shockproof, is available in three colours – and I’m rather put out that I didn’t get one for Christmas.

See the company’s own video here