The real Ellen MacArthur...

  • Keeping going

    The Vendée Globe is all but over. But behind the triumphs and despairs are a host of remarkable stories about how the solo skippers kept their boats running, from Yves Parlier’s remarkable mast repairs and Michel Desjoyeaux’s makeshift engine starter to Mike Golding’s tales of woe and Ellen MacArthur’s repeated forays up the mast. Just how did they do it? Find out in next month’s issue

  • The real Ellen MacArthur

    The public face of Ellen MacArthur filled pages and screens in early February. But what of the private Ellen? Who is she, what really motivates her and what does she plan for her future after such an incredible achievement at such a young age? Elaine Bunting talks to Britain’s newest sailing star

  • The Race – what race?

    Maybe it has turned into a procession, but The Race has still seen some remarkable sailing and it seems likely that the winner will be home in just over 60 days. James Boyd welcomes the first of the supercats home