The Great Atlantic Gear Test-Each year over 200 yachts cross the Atlantic...

  • The Great Atlantic Gear Test
    Each year over 200 yachts cross the Atlantic, taking part in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), the world?s largest trans-ocean event. And each year it presents Yachting World with a unique opportunity to study the effects of the crossing ? in effect accelerated testing ? on the equipment on these boats. The June issue brings you the first part of the results of our major survey

  • Ocean Ready ? fuel, water, electricity
    In a similar vein we continue our Ocean Ready series by answering one of the questions most frequently asked by those planning to go cruising: how much? That?s not cash, it?s those vital supplies of fuel, water and electricity. We asked a number of boats
    before and after their crossings and followed up several as they continued crusing in the Caribbean to bring you the real, practical figures

  • Our sailing heritage
    It took vision, determination and a great deal of hard graft to achieve it, but the result, the newly opened National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, is an experience to rival the county?s other great attractions, the Eden Project and Tate St Ives. Yachting World visited the museum shortly before the official opening

  • Plus: we test the long-awaited Hunter Mystery 35 and the new Dufour 34, described by Yachting World tester Tim Thomas as a ?cracking sailing boat?