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The ultimate gear test
The Yachting World Great Atlantic Gear Test has become established as probably the most important field trial in the marine industry. In association with World Cruising Club, organiser of the ARC, we question each one of the 225 entrants each year, who between them cover something approaching a million miles, about the equipment they used and how well it worked. Apart from giving buyers some valuable pointers, the survey has also led to improvements in equipment design and installation. This feature is unique to Yachting World and if you’re in the market for new gear, then it’s a must-read

Mono or multi?
We revisit one of the oldest debates in the cruising world. Would you rather the stable, spacious platform of a cruising catamaran or the ultimate safety of a monohull? But we take a somewhat different slant on the subject. If you take a 50ft Bénéteau and a 41ft Lagoon cat, both costing about the same, how do they really compare in terms of performance, quality and cruisability?

How to race a superyacht
Imagine manoeuvring 300 tons and 150ft of superyacht around a race course in close company with similarly sized behemoths, without the hint of a collision and without damaging the Waterford crystal or dislodging the Old Master below decks. But it happens and it’s a growing phenomenon, as David Glenn discovered when he joined the invitation-only event, the St Barth’s Bucket in the Caribbean

PLUS a full report from Rolex Antigua Sailing Week, where Yachting World is media partner and sponsor; Tom Zydler sends us a mouthwatering story of cruising the Pacific Panama Islands and Jimmy Cornell outlines the practicalities of cruising the Pacific; Whitbread and Volvo Ocean Race veteran Erle Williams looks back at the way this race has changed