Seventy five years ago a partnership was formed that would change the face of yachting...

S&S celebration
Seventy five years ago a partnership was formed that would change the face of yachting. Two young designers, Drake Sparkman and Olin Stephens, formed an association that would produce a huge number of successful designs, some of which were trailblazers for today?s modern yacht design. In the July issue we look at the legend of Sparkman and Stephens, ask Olin for his views on modern yacht design and sail one of his most iconic designs, the Swan 65

Chart plotting comes of age
When small craft Decca first came into use it was banned by the RORC as being ?de-skilling?. Then along came GPS with dire warnings that it should never be used as a primary means of navigation. Electronic charts were introduced with similar health warnings but it now seems, like GPS, that they have come of age as a primary navigation tool. In Cruising Essentials we test drive some of the latest charting software and in the first of a new occasional series ?The Specialists? look at the work of the Hydrographer

The world at Antigua
Every year in Antigua there are two very special events. In the first the great and the glorious gather for a festival of the best classic yacht racing and in the second some of the world?s latest high-tech race boats do battle in the blue waters of the Caribbean. Yachting World was at both the Antigua Classics and Sailing Week and came back with some spectacular photography and great stories

Great Atlantic Gear Test 2004
The ultimate long-term gear test. In 2000 we ran our first Great Atlantic Gear Test, based on a detailed survey of the equipment used by the 200 boats in the ARC. Since then the survey ? and the boats sailed ? have become more sophisticated and next month we present the first part of our Atlantic Gear Test 2004.

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