We tested the Plan2Nav iPad app as part of a group test of portable chartplotting software. App £ Free - Charts £26.99 UK Ireland & Channel. • Jeppesen CMap • CMap cartography • Vector charts •

Product Overview

Overall rating:



  • • Intuitive control icons make it easy to get the hang of this. Onscreen icons are neatly arranged at base of screen
  • • The layout is simple and there are no clever tricks or buttons. Instead, the display is easy to understand and the limited range of functions are quite clear
  • • Tide flow arrows are easy to see (but only show flow at the current time)
  • • Quick to refresh, but short on detail


  • • Old-fashioned appearance, with basic charts which lack detail at most levels of zoom
  • • Abrupt and confusing loss of detail at some zoom levels
  • • Charts are sometimes slow to refresh
  • • 3D view adds little
  • • Too easy to change chart orientation, so easy to get a confusing picture
  • • Difficult to manage and edit routes. Although instructions claim you can drag waypoints, we never managed to do this


Plan2Nav iPad app


Plan 2 Nav


Despite being one of the major players in vector cartography, using the well-established CMaps, the Plan2Nav iPad app is old-fashioned, clunky and slow. We found it short on functions and difficult to use, with little to recommend and plenty to frustrate.


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We were surprised at how such a well-established chartplotting company had missed the mark.


Type:Jeppesen CMap - CMap cartography - Vector charts -