A good outboard lock is a worthwhile investment and the Motorloc Atlantic Slot Loc is one of the best we've tried

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Motorloc Atlantic outboard Slot Loc review

It’s an unfortunate truth that we’ve all either had an outboard stolen or at least know of someone who has. An outboard lock is at the very least a worthwhile deterrent, while an approved model is likely required by your insurance company.

I have had more than my fair share of troubles with outboard locks. Probably because I am tight with money and disorganised. The start of the season is typically met with panic. I want to get afloat fast but find that the previous season’s padlock has corroded, so I go to buy the cheapest lock I can find. Typically that will then seize by the end of the season too.

I have tried the cheaper mild steel box style locks, which have rusted. I have had to hack saw a padlock off to free my engine and I have broken a clamping bracket on an outboard by trying to prise a seized padlock arm off.

Oh the joy and satisfaction then of fitting this robust slot lock easily – and being able to remove it equally as easily at the end of the season! For those who keep their outboard on the pushpit, it makes it very easy to secure it quickly. British made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, Motorloc’s Atlantic Slot Loc slides over the outboard’s aligned clamping brackets to prevent access. The saltwater safe lock is also resistant to drill and screwdriver attack. It has genuinely turned a pre and post season chore into a pleasure and has given me reassuring peace of mind that my outboard is more likely to still be on the transom when I return to the boat.

The Atlantic models come in four sizes and cost £80. Motorloc’s smaller slot lock for 2.5hp outboards costs £59.41 and the company also makes bolt locks for through-transom engine installations.

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