Who's it for? Waterproof, shockproof speaker for anyone who wants to play music anywhere, with top sound quality. www.fugoo.com or amazon.co.uk

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  • • Excellent sound quality
  • • 40 hours of battery life
  • • Neat pouch for chargers, cable, etc


Fugoo Tough speaker tested

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My first impressions of this waterproof, shockproof speaker were that it’s so bombproof there seemed no obvious means even to power it up.

But press and hold a discreet power button and not only does a light come on – but it talks to you. A rich bass voice resonates around the room announcing the fact that the device is ‘discoverable’. Very exciting.

I have since tested this speaker well and truly at home and on the boat, and remain astonished at the sound quality and the battery life. We have a Bose Sound Dock at home – and I find the 360° sound on the Fugoo even better, despite its comparatively diminutive size. And its 40 hours of battery life mean you rarely have to remind yourself to plug it in.

That the Fugoo is waterproof makes it perfect for cockpit use, and a bonus of a Bluetooth speaker is that, if you store music on your phone, you automatically have remote volume control from your pocket.

This is the Hummer of speakers, hence a carry case is not necessary, although a neat pouch for various chargers, speaker link and USB cable etc is supplied.


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Tested by Toby Hodges


My best buy this season.