Who’s it for? Runners wanting to listen to music comfortably, but doubles as a discreet, modern bumbag. Contact: www.theflipbelt.co.uk. Tested by Toby Hodges

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • • Comfortable to wear
  • • Discreet


  • • More expensive than a pocket



Price as reviewed:


Although designed as a comfortable place for runners to hold their iPod or phone, the Flipbelt is also a useful way to carry money, keys or phone securely in warmer climes.

Like most modern active wear, it’s made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra. A few simple slits allow valuables to be stored inside.

It works very well for its primary purpose, comfortably keeping my iPod from bouncing around when running. But it is equally handy for discreetly hiding cash in pickpocket-rife cities, and particularly sailors visiting beaches, without sealed pockets for carrying phones or money.


Handy for sailors visiting beaches where pickpockets may be active