Pirates of the Caribbean crew entertain 2,000 children in Baltimore 4/5/06

More than 2,000 Baltimore school-children were entertained by the crew of Pirates of the Caribbean at Tuesday’s Pescanova Pirates day.

Hosted by Pescanova at each of the Volvo stopovers, the initiative seeks to educate children about sailing and to provoke the next generation’s interest in the sport.

The crew of The Black Pearl told a captive audience from more than 20 schools their story so far, from the iceberg-cold conditions of the Southern Ocean to the stifling heat of the Doldrums. They may only have one change of clothes for each leg, but the weather pendulum means that each sailors wardrobe is fairly extensive, as Justin ‘Juggy’ Clougher demonstrated with a strip-tease right down to his ‘stars n’ stripes’ underwear!

A video-clip featuring shore-team manager Kimo Worthington gave the children a tour around the boat, and some ‘lucky’ volunteers were picked to try the freeze-dried food that Volvo crews survive on for weeks at a time.

The final treasure unveiled at the event was the first screening of a film clip from the forthcoming Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, featuring Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly.