The girls on board Albatross seem to be having more luck with fishing than sailing

Picture: Antonia in the galley

November 27 & 28

A very gusty and uncomfortable night during which we sighted a yacht in front and behind We overtook and were overtaken during the morning. We gybed onto a more westerly course late in the afternoon and were immediately more comfortable. A slight glitch with a wet gas bottle before afternoon tea and then the fun started.

L & S started preparations for supper at the same time as A decided to play with the spinnaker. Unfortunately the pork fillet went the same way as the mussels so a fishing line was put out. Spinnaker went up, second fishing line out, spinnaker ripped and wrapped itself around everything possible. Fish caught and dealt with by L & S. It was a case of who could have the winch handle first! L Had to go up the mast twice to sort out the problem, which was very hairy. It was a great team effort and supper was very welcome, especially as without pork or fish it might have been beans on toast! L’s bruises have to be seen to be believed.

November 29 & 30

A much smoother couple of nights although it appears to me that sailing at night is a bit like driving down a motorway with no lights on and your eyes shut! Crazy. Lots of hair washing, showering, and the guard rails adorned with garments galore. Local fishmonger, S, caught fish and DS made a delicious fish pie. Just after supper the jib sheets managed to wrap themselves around the forestay in a permanent knot. The talented high-wire and trapeze trio L,L&S soon unfurled it and landed in a giggly heap on the foredeck. the moon was a joy to see after such black skies and the stars in such abundance quite spectacular. The entry in the log for Sunday 12-3am watch showed that AM had narrowly missed a black eye when a flying fish had failed to correctly negotiate an unscheduled landing in the cockpit. L immediately jumped to its rescue and performed CPR and it was returned to the sea. A has spent time with sextant-lucky thing. Various shades of ‘pink’ were acheived during a very sunny day. Fish was hauled into within 5 yards of the boat but was such a fighter broke the line and escaped with the lure, hook etc the swivel flew back and gave S a very nasty bruise in a tender spot! unfortunately sausages intended for supper joined the mussels and pork fillet – there must be some very happy fish following this boat!