Yacht Les Papillons vs Asolare

1 December 2009
In Las Palmas yacht ‘Les Papillons’ was berthed very close to ours and her crew could smell all the pre-cooked meals being prepared on Asolare.  During the many happy hours and crew supper many jokes were made that if we were close by then Les Papillons would put in a ‘take-away’ order from Asolare and use their JetSki to come across and collect it!  As we now find ourselves only 25 miles or so behind Les Papillons and we are making fantastic speed – naturally we want to race and beat her to St Lucia… oops – I mean we want to offer her the opportunity of a take- away menu!   Here is the email we sent to Les Papillons just now – we will let you know of any response!
Email to Les Papillons:
Dear Steve and Crew,
This is Asolare here!  We note that you are ahead of us on similar tack!  01 Dec at 12:00 UTC Asolare  at 17.49N 41.03W.
We believe we are just 25 miles’ish behind you – being a smaller boat – we are having to be very busy lepidopterists to catch you up!!! (Not being competitive mind – just looking for business opportunities and your potential custom!)
We thought you would like to browse our take away menu and this week’s specials:
No 17.  ‘Monarch’ – Fish of the Day (Probably Dorado/Mahi mahi) 2 days notice required.
No 37.   ‘Peacock’ – Spicy Chicken Peanut Butter Curry
No 42.  ‘Red Admiral’ – Roast Tomato Spaghetti Bolognaise
Don’t worry – we are sure you do not need to slow down – we are confident we can catch you up as we have done 600miles in the last 3 days to get behind you!  (Skipper is talking about handicap – but no idea what he referring to!) (See attached photo taken from ARC website fleet viewer/google earth maggot race!
From a very cheeky Sallyanne and Crew of Asolare

No Asolare log entry would be complete without mention of food and Mark rustled up a very tasty Thai Green Curry with Tuna that Peter had hooked in the Med. This was followed by an offering of Kiwi and Orange covered in grated chocolate from Sallyanne.  No sign of scurvy on this Boat.

By Stephen (and Crew Peter, Mark, Clare and Sallyanne)