The VO60 Spirit is living up to her speedy reputation and hopes to reach St Lucia by next Friday

Logged by Leno/Barry on Friday 26 November 1700GMT

“Greetings to all from the mid Atlantic, where the weather is overcast following five days of sunshine and variable winds. All the crew are in great spirits, although the dream team are dominating the crusty gang on watch.

“Washing day proved to be an unmitigated disaster. The crew t-shirts are now yellow without the attention of the mystery “chodder”. This is an addition to the vocabulary of the dainty Irish crew aboard and its meaning cannot be explained on a family website such as this.

“The ‘fud’ (food) is outstanding, but the concentrated Milton takes some getting used to, to drink. Despite that we all agree that drinking salt water on day three wasn’t all that bad, considering. Watermaker fixed, back to the chlorine. Nice.

“This boat flies, and we are trying our hardest to prove that its performance last year was no fluke, and are pushing for the best result possible. This involves all night racing, including sail changes at all hours and tremendous team spirit from all the crew.

“We are expecting wet and unsettled weather over the coming days and it is now doubtful that the easterly trade winds are going to assist us in getting to St Lucia. With the wind on the nose we will be beating or close reaching, certainly for the next few days.

“At this time our ETA is Friday sometime, although knowing our luck that will be after closing hours.”