Malmo announced as second venue as America's Cup comes to Northern Europe

Valencia, 3rd February, 2005 – The America’s Cup is coming to Sweden! Malmö, in the Skåne region at the south of Sweden, will be the Northern European location for the Louis Vuitton Acts 6 7, with racing beginning on the 25th of August, 2005. The back-to-back events, featuring both Match and Fleet Racing are among 14 opening Acts of the 32nd America’s Cup.

Malmö, supported by the regional district of Skåne, is a tremendous location for sailing in Northern Europe, as the America’s Cup continues holding events across Europe in 2005, before settling in its Host City of Valencia, Spain for 2006 and 2007.

“We are very pleased to be able to bring these two Louis Vuitton Acts to Malmö and Skåne,” said Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of the America’s Cup organisers. “This is a perfect fit for us. As with the America’s Cup, Malmö is a seamless blend of t radition along with embracing the most modern and cutting edge technology at the same time. And most importantly, the region of Northern Europe and Scandinavia has a population that is passionate about the sea and about sailing. There are 60 yacht clubs in the area and over 50 000 yachts in the region, so I’m very excited we are coming here this summer.”

For the city, the Malmö-Skåne Louis Vuitton Acts 6 7 will be an opportunity to engage with one of the world’s largest sporting events, and the oldest trophy in sport. “Bringing the America’s Cup here means the event will be right in the heart of the city. The race village will be built within a few minutes walk of downtown Malmö,” said Ilmar Reepalu, Chairman of the City Executive Board. “The two race course areas are also right off the town on the Lommabukten (the bay directly off Malmö). This is good for the spectators ashore and on the water, as well as for the teams who can be sailing on the race course within mi nutes of leaving the dock.”

The agreement bringing the Louis Vuitton Acts to Malmö is supported by the region of Skåne, the southernmost area in Sweden. Skåne is among the most dynamic regions in Northern Europe and with close ties to Copenhagen and continental Europe, can boast of 20-million people within a one-hour plane flight.

“For us, the America’s Cup in Skåne is an opportunity to showcase the many attractions of our region,” said Uno Aldegren, President of the Regional Executive Board. “Whether it’s our 400-kilometres of beaches, the many food and cultural experiences available, or the best of city and country life that can be enjoyed here, I know the America’s Cup is going to enjoy its time here as much as we will enjoy hosting the Louis Vuitton Acts.”

The Malmö- Skåne Louis Vuitton Act 6, a Match Racing regatta begins on the 25th of August, 2005. It is followed directly by Act 7, a three-day Fleet Racing event on the 2nd September, 2005.