Lladró, the Valencia-based porcelain company has announced its sponsorship of the China Team for the 32nd America's Cup

 Lladró, the Valencia-based porcelain company, has announced its sponsorship of the China Team for the 32nd America’s Cup.

Alain Viot, Lladró’s European CEO, said: “We knew that the coming of America’s Cup to Valencia was a key opportunity to promote our brand which, from its Valencian origins, enjoys a great international awareness. A platform like the China Team greatly enhances our marketing expectations all the way to 2007.”

Chaoyong Wang, head of the China Team syndicate, is delighted to have the team’s first local company sponsor on board, adding: ‘Lladró is very close to our traditional Chinese porcelain, so this is a great fit for our team. Lladró is an international brand with a local Valencian history, and we are extraordinarily proud that a company like this has chosen the first ever Chinese challenge in an America’s Cup competition to become involved.

“Lladrò is a company that has eight subsidiaries abroad and its own network of over 20 shops. It also has another 3,961 authorised dealers selling its products in 123 countries worldwide. We are honoured to be selected,’ said Wang.