Peter Gilmour will be sailing with Alinghi periodically over the next few months to sharpen Alinghi's match racing edge 29/1/07

 Peter Gilmour, Australian match racing veteran, will be sailing with Alinghi periodically over the next few months to sharpen Alinghi’s match racing edge in the lead up to the America’s Cup Match that starts on 23 June in Valencia.

Brad Butterworth, team skipper who has raced against him on the match racing circuit for years said looks forward to having Peter Gilmour on board as a consultant to provide a fresh, objective analysis of the team’s performance. Butterworth said: “When you race in-house as regularly as we do, it is vital to measure yourself against outside competitors and as there is just a fleet race left before the Match, we won’t have this opportunity. Therefore we are seeking an objective point of view and bringing in an outsider of Peter’s calibre will hopefully bring some new ideas and a critical analysis of our match race skills.”

Helmsmen Ed Baird and Peter Holmberg are both familiar competitors of Gilmour and value his match racing expertise. Baird comments: “It will be great to have Gilly with us to help train. I’ve had some great matches against him over the last 15 years, and I know he’ll spice up our preparation for the Cup.” Holmberg adds his view: “This is another step in our preparation to the Cup. We hope that having Peter on board will bring some fresh ideas to our match race game.”

Gilmour comments on being a consultant to the Defender: “I am really looking forward to this role with Alinghi in preparation for their first defence of the America’s Cup. There is a formidable line up of challengers vying to get themselves into the Match. As a team, Alinghi was the most admired and complete group in the 2003 Cup and has maintained this pre-eminent position in the world of sailing. Hopefully I should be able to add one or two new items to the repertoire of the team.”