A Vendée Globe competitor is rescued in the Southern Ocean when his keel is ripped off and foil damage raises concerns

A tribute to Paul Elvstrom

The famous Whitbread yacht Maiden is set to sail again


The crazy world of gigayachts: With the launch of three 250ft plus yachts, the gigayacht phenomenon has been born. Just how big can they go?

Beneteau grows foils: The Figaro Beneteau 3- the world’s first series-built foil-borne monohull

iPad navigation apps tested: Pip Hare compares eight iPad and Android navigation apps


ARC 2016- heaven or hell?: Contraversy and camaraderie from this year’s drama-packed ARC as the 291-yacht fleet arrives in beautiful Saint Lucia

The world’s best places to sail: Jimmy Cornell, one of the world’s most respected cruising authors, reveals the results of his five-year global survey

Hurtling to 60 degrees North: A hair-raising catamaran delivery across the Atlantic from Iceland to Newfoundland playing the weather systems all the way


On test- Contest 67CS: A fabulous semi-custom Dutch design for cruising the Med in style. Toby goes for a pulsating test sail on this spirited big boat


Special report: Dealing with crews that don’t get along

Extraordinary boats: The sleek, sexy Wallynano MK II

Short-handed sailing: Pip Hare on the perfect foredeck set-up

Weather briefing: Getting along with the winds in the Southern Ocean

Get out of that: Loïck Peyron on sailing through big seas offshore


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