Following a successful drop of medical supplies, Keith Kilpatrick’s condition is stable

Following the successful drop of medical supplies by the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) P3 Orion to the Volvo Ocean Race yacht Amer Sports One yesterday, Roger Nilson, the doctor and navigator on board updated the situation: ‘The drop off/pickup went fantastically well. Keith Kilpatrick’s condition is stable but certainly without the fluids from the Orion, his situation would have been very risky.

‘Keith is in good spirits but realises that he most likely has to leave the boat in order to get well. He is stable but has signs of intestinal total or partial obstruction.

‘Race headquarters [in England] and the rescue people in Australia have done a fantastic job. So did the crew of Orion. With stunning precision they dropped off seven packages perfectly, about 300 metres straight in front of us.’

Despite the fresh supply of drugs and his stabilised condition, the intention is to take Kilpatrick off the boat as soon as possible and transfer him to a hospital. Meanwhile Amer Sports One is still in the race. A new low is coming through and the team is hoping to pick up some lost ground.