Only a handful of miles remain for the Nordic crew approaching Rio

Ericsson 3 navigator Aksel Magdahl sent the following email at 08:15 GMT this morning (26 March):

“So the waiting to get to Rio is about to come to an end. As I write this, 8 miles are remaining. Not much breeze for the last night, but we were fortunate enough to find a good squall-line to follow at good speed on course for Rio for two hours before we stopped. Now the land breeze has finally filled out to us.

“It has been a big leg, too big to get philosophic about now. But one thing is sure, that everyone gave their best the whole way, and you can see now how impressed everyone are about all the other team members. I am sure there will be emotions at the finishing line!

“Once again, a big thanks to everyone that has supported us on the way! This is a team victory, we owe huge thanks to everyone that contributed on all areas within the team to get us to the start line for this leg!!”

Behind, Ericsson 4 – no longer in Stealth mode – is only 18 miles from the finish.
And PUMA is closing in as well – just over 100 miles away. With a bit of luck, the il mostro crew will be able to ride the daytime sea breeze all the way to the finish line.