Former VOR 60 Djuice Dragon completed the Fastnet this morning 16/8/07

Simon Crowther from Great Kit has just completed the Rolex Fastnet Race aboard the Volvo 60V Project. Crowther was sailing with a team from the Hamble including skipper Andy Budgen and co helmsman Vince Hayter. The owner of the yacht Freddy Schwyn was also onboard doing his first Fastnet. Bit of a baptism of fire but as Crowther pointed out it was a very enjoyable race.

Commenting as he stepped ashore this morning a tired-looking Crowther said: “Very enjoyable but, shall we say, very testing. We finished at 0200 this morning so bit tired right now. The maximum wind we saw was not much more than 36kts; not the biggest winds I’ve seen but I’m glad I was in a big boat. We had a few damaged spinnakers, so I had a lot of sewing to do which kept me well occupied.”

The V Project is the former VOR 60 – Djuice Dragon – which completed the 2001/2 VOR. She’s now owned by Australian sailor Freddy Schwyn whose plan is to compete in next year’s (2008) ARC. From Plymouth she’ll head back to Hamble for a refit ready for next year’s season.