See images of the NEW Ran IV - the TP52 designed by Judel/Vrolijk and built in Lymington, UK

Images courtesy of Christophe Launay /

Here are some pictures of the new Ran IV – the 2011 TP52 designed by Judel/Vrolijk and built at Green Marine in Lymington, UK. It has just arrived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Boat Captain Chris Hoskings who has built several TP52s, has made sure this race yacht is built and designed to such a high level we have not seen before.

According to Norse mythology, the sea goddess Ran lives at the bottom of the sea and uses a net to capture sailors and drag them down to her, where she also holds wild parties from time to time. The way to be safe and not be captured is for the sailors to hold a piece of gold.

That may be why the boat builders equipped the new Ran with a golden bulb that should be well visible from the bottom of the sea.

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