Another win yesterday puts Fabien Henry and team aboard Toulon Provence Mediterrannee CoycHyères well ahead of the Tour de France à la Voile

With a steady wind blowing over Hyères, the Tour de France à la Voile Race Committee managed to start three legs instead of two, in order to catch up the race cancelled in the Atlantic.

As it turned out there were three different winners: Defi Partage – Marseille, Toulon Provence Mediterrannee CoycHyères, and Alpes-maritimes mandelieu theoule – all from the Mediterranean coast.

In an east-south-easterly wind blowing around 15 knots, Defi Partage – Marseille won the first leg after a battle with the local team Toulon Provence Mediterrannee CoycHyères. “This race was a bit like a rooster fight between Toulon and us,” said skipper Dimitri Deruelle. “In all modesty, I think we have the best speed. This was a tight victory, but we managed to take the advantage over the other boats. On the two other legs, we had an electronic failure, so we couldn’t race 100 per cent.”

In the second leg, Fabien Henry and his men came back into the match to win in front of their local audience. “We won some more points over Bouygues in the overall ranking,” said Tugdual Becquemie. “We are very happy but we have to be careful and keep concentrating until the end.”

With the help of a steady wind, the Race Committee decided to start a third leg in the bay of Hyères. For Sylvain Chtounder and crew from Alpes-maritimes mandelieu theoule this was their first victory since the beginning of the Tour de France à la Voile 2005. Commenting Chtounder said: “When the Race Committee said there would be another race, we were not that keen, because we were a bit tired. But to win now, when we are about to sail to our region, is very good news. I think the podium is still accessible. Anything can happen.”

In the overall ranking Fabien Henry and team aboard Toulon Provence Mediterrannee CoycHyères are still increasing the gap over their main rivals Bouygues Telecom with now 74 points separating the two boats.

In the Student Ranking there’s not much change. Alfa Laval is still leading with Port de Commerce La Rochelle 10 points behind.

Today is the 11th offshore leg. This 35-mile race, the shortest, will take the Mumm 30 fleet to Sainte-Maxime – the last leg of the regatta.