Atalanti X confirmed her crushing superiority at the One Ton Cup yesterday...

The race conditions were perfect with sunshine and northwesterlies of 15 and 20 knots. Atalanti X confirmed her crushing superiority yesterday. ” They have speed, intelligence and success ; they did not make a mistake “, according to Stephen Kandler, Faster K-Yote II’s owner and crewmember. However in the last race, Hawk showed that the Greek IC 45 was not invincible.

Throughout the day, Hawk stole the show. First of all, a collision with a support boat damaged her bow – just before the first race of the day. Having spent too much time repairing the boat, the English IC 45 missed the start in the following race, which costs them 7 penalty points. Hawk made an official appeal to try to reduce her penalty.

At last, Nigel Bramwell’s boat came back in Race 5 to put an end to George Andrealis’ winning streak. Not forgetting that Nigel Bramwell is the only owner to helm his own boat. In the middle of these developments, Bounder ‘s exceptional performance passed almost unnoticed. “It is a game of snakes and ladders, but we manage to make less mistakes than the others.” said tactician Craig Mitchell. In fact it is exceptional for a largely amateur crew to be second in such a top-level regatta.

Racing continues today, but with gales forecast for this afternoon, it will be interesting to see whether the Greeks can keep up their success in stronger conditions.