100ft Maxi ICAP Leopard finishes race after 44 hours 5 minutes and 14 seconds

Mike Slade’s 100ft Maxi, ICAP Leopard crossed the finish line of the RORC Caribbean 600 under Shirley Heights, Antigua at 11:25:14 GMT to set the monohull elapsed time for future yachts to beat.

The elapsed time was 44 Hours 5 minutes 14 seconds. A chirpy skipper commented: “We have set a time for this fantastic race, so come and join us next year to try and beat it.”

“Make no mistake; this is a tough race, especially for the smaller boats still out there. It has taken us nearly two days and that is just about enough, hats off to the smaller boats who may not be in for some time. I am sure the crews will all be very tired but will be looking forward to a warm Antiguan welcome.”

ICAP Leopard’s crew(above): Mike Slade, Chris Sherlock, Hug Agnew, Zane Gills, Dylan Clarke, Mark Del Succi, David Rolfe, Matt Richardson, Andrea Soriano, Rory Heron, Carlo Falcone, Nick Black, Kelvin Rawlings, Tim Sellars, Andy Hemmings, Jason Carrington, Sian Ahluwalia, Tim Burnell, Mike O’Donnel, Mark Thomas and Jeremy Robinson.