The starboard float of Karine Fauconnier's Sergio Tacchini has broken and she has been dismasted

Another rescue is underway this morning after news from Karine Fauconnier that her trimaran Sergio Tacchini is breaking up and has been dismasted. This is the report issued about her situation:

‘Today at 0815 GMT Karine Fauconnier contacted her shore crew to announce that her starboard float had ruptured, leading to an immediate dismasting. Karine is fine, she had a clear voice. A rescue operation of both the skipper and her boat has been launched from Lisbon. ‘Following this incident, experienced while sailing in 30/35 knots of wind (gusts up to 40 knots) Karine set off her distress beacon. She then dumped her mast and cleaned everything up to save the platform of the trimaran. At the 0700 GMT poll she was halfway between Lisbon and the Azores at 38° 19 20 N and 17° 42 40 W.’

As yet, the circumstances that caused the damage are not known. The last message from Fauconnier before the distress call was at 2248GMT last night, when she simply said: “Everything is fine aboard. Wind and seas still strong but the boat is going well. Big cumulo-nimbus with more than 45-50 knots regularly. Rested, dried off, and fed, the girl is good.”