The Enterprise class has announced plans to encourage students and youth sailors to take part in this year's nationals

This year is a perfect time to be a student Enterprise sailor because Enterprise national championship student prices are plummeting.

The Enterprise Association is keen that students should play a big part in the national championship so the class has dropped the entry fee for full-time students (up to age 23) from £130 to £80. There is good news for youth sailors, (up to age 21), because once again their entry is just £30 this year.

Non-youth sailors will also benefit this year too thanks to generous sponsorship from Speed Sails. Prizes from jibs and covers through to sailing clothing and chandlery will be up for grabs and sailors don’t need to be at the front of the fleet to have a chance of winning them. As in previous years the prizes will be spread throughout the fleet so those at the back have just as much chance of winning as those at the front. There are also prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets as well as for age groups from Youth through to Veteran Grand Master, so everyone has something to race for.

This year for the first time, the class will be running a new buddy system. Each helmsman and crew in the top third of the fleet is to be paired up with those in boats further down the fleet, which is a great way to make newcomers feel welcome to the class. Buddy systems are a good way to learn from sailors at the front of the fleet and it’s not every day there’s an opportunity to learn from a world or national champion.

The nationals isn’t just about prizes though, it’s also about the socialising that goes hand in hand with racing. At South Caernarvonshire YC, the venue for this year, they’re old hands at making sure both run smoothly. The race management team will take pride in making sure racing goes without a hitch and the onshore team will be working hard behind the scenes to make sure the social events such as the BBQ, pig roast, disco and prize giving are a big success.

The national championships run from 7-14 August at South Caernarvonshire YC, Abersoch, Wales. For more information and entry forms contact Bob Southworth on 02380 456977 or go to