But lights winds forecast today may slow her

At 0600GMT this morning, Steve Fossett’s PlayStation had covered around 582.5 miles, 30 hours 24 minutes into her attempt on the west to east transatlantic record from New York to the Lizard. Her average to date has been 19.09 knots – just ahead of the 18.62 average of 1990 record holder Jet Services V.

Navigator Stan Honey reported to WSSRC official Christian Fevrier in Paris that conditions were 15 knots NNW winds. Since midnight, they have been sailing at more than 20knots and information poled from the boat this morning showed her speed to be 23.1knots.

Traditionally 24 hour records are broken two to three days into this passage where boats are whisked along by the favourable Gulf Stream. This is the part of the voyage where boats must normally get as many miles in the bank as possible. However PlayStation must cross a light wind area today and this may slow them down putting them behind schedule.