Compulsory Open 60 test took place in Auckland

Mike Golding’s new Ecover, the third of that name, was delivered from her builder, Hakes Marine in Wellington, New Zealand to Auckland on 30 July. As she is due to be shipped from New Zealand on 5 August the schedule to fit her keel, rudders and daggerboards has been frantic.

However, she was launched and with Golding on board turned upside down with a line to a crane. Under IMOCA rules all Open 60s have to show that they can self right 180 degrees without outside assistance. This rule was introduced after two notable failures of boats to self right in solo round the world races, Isabelle Autissier’s PRB and Gerry Rouf’s Groupe LG2. Roufs was never found.

By canting the keel Golding successfully righted Ecover. It is now planned to rig the boat and complete a second, this time 90 degree, righting test.

Picture courtesy of Richard Gladwell,