National 12s at Yorkshire OuseA total of 12 National Twelves competed for the 2004 Naburn Paddle last weekend

A total of 12 National 12s competed for the 2004 Naburn Paddle, the third event in the Northern Area series, held at Yorkshire Ouse SC on 5-6 June. With the boats ranging from the vintage ribbed N443, to the ultra modern double bottomed N3472, there was plenty of discussion, on and off the water, about the relative merits of the various designs!

The first race, held on Saturday afternoon, is traditionally sailed over the maximum length of the club’s racing water however fickle wind conditions at the southern extremity of the river meant that the course was shortened slightly. Bernard Clark and Paul Walmsley took an early lead but were overhauled by Philip and Helen David who took line honours and claimed the Jubilee Trophy. Graham Camm and Kate Edwards, sailing a borrowed Vintage boat, were third.

Race two saw the fleet race over the same course, but with slightly more wind. Clark and Walmsley again took an early lead but were overhauled by Camm and Edwards, who took line honours, and also David and David. Once again needle matches took place throughout the fleet, with good competition being had by all.

Race three saw Clark and Walmsley hold their lead throughout the race, and analysis of the results to date showed that Messrs Clark, Camm and David all had a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd to count and that the meeting would therefore be decided on the final race.

With a short course set to make maximum use of what little wind there was, Clark and Camm broke free at the start and proceeded to have a good battle for the first few laps. Clark eventually broke free and claimed the race and the meeting. With second in the final race Camm claimed 2nd place overall and was also first Vintage boat, winning the Transom Trophy.

Overall Results

1st Bernard Clark & Paul Walmsley, YOSC N2938

2nd Graham Camm & Kate Edwards, Burghfield SC N2430

3rd Philip and Helen David, YOSC N2545

4th Vince Phillips & Richard Willatt, YOSC N2531

5th Mark and Emma Simpson, SDSC N3472