Babel Fish wins National 12 Gill series event at Weston SC

The 23 team who arrived at Weston SC for the fourth National 12 Gill Series event at the weekend were greeted by perfect sea breeze and sunshine.

In race one Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne in Babel Fish took first, closely followed by Jon and Jules Brown in Tonto. In race two, Fran Gifford and Sophie Mackley in Zippy led initially, but were overtaken by Camm and Ballantyne on the second beat. In the third race Camm again battled out the whole race with the Browns, but just managed to keep ahead.

In the fourth race, on the Sunday, Steve Broom and Simon Walworth in Passion Pudding had a storming first beat. Mike Cooke and Emma Wilkins in Radical Edward went hard right on the run and flew past the other boats. On the next round, both Cooke and Camm were luffed hard by a Cherub, but Camm managed to duck out to take first place. In race five, Purple Turtle got a flying start and led all the way, Cooke taking second.

The sponsors, Gill, donated special prizes for the seven newcomers to the series, as well as for the overall winners and Admiral’s Cup (for older boats).

Overall Results

1. Graham Camm & Zoe Ballantyne, Babel Fish, Burghfield SC

2. Jon & Juliet Brown, Tonto, Royal Harwich YC

3. Mike Cooke & Emma Wilkins, Radical Edward, Notts County SC

Admirals’ Cup

1. Jerry & Margaret Garner, Jemima Puddleduck, Stour SC