Ovington Marine is cutting out the middleman to supply Mumm 30s direct from its factory in Tynemouth

Ovington Marine has announced that the Mumm 30 will now be sold direct from its yard in Tynemouth, rather than through Farr International.

According to Dave Hall from Ovington Boats, Farr International has successfully promoted and sold the boat for the last six years. Together with Ovington, Carroll Marine, and an active class association, the company has developed the Mumm 30 class into one of the most successful modern 30ft one-design keelboat in the world, with ISAF-recognised status.

The class provides not only extensive national series (over 40 events per year in Italy) and European and world championships, but the Mumm is the selected boat for the Tour de France a la Voile for several years to come.

Having built more than 100 Mumm 30s, Ovington is pleased to be supplying new boats direct to customers, as well as continuing to supply spares and provide repairs.

Complete boats ready to race with a full suit of sails (main, three jibs, three spinnakers) from North or Hyde, and drysail bottom paint are available for £62,500 ex VAT during 2002. For details, e-mail: mail@ovingtonmarine.co.uk