The teenage skipper has decided to stop in Auckland to make more repairs


17-year-old British yachtsman Mike Perham, who is planning to become the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world, is to make a brief stop in New Zealand – only days after leaving Australia.

Mike, who set off from the UK last November, will be putting into Auckland on Friday morning (15 May). He has reported that the starboard rudder bearing on his boat,, is making grating noises and moving excessively.

Mike explained: “I’ve made the decision to head into Auckland for a quick stopover to replace a part on my archenemy – yes, that’s right: the steering system once again! Whilst in Hobart, we replaced the lower bearing and top sleeve on the port rudder but we didn’t touch starboard rudder as it looked and felt great. I don’t like fixing something that isn’t broken!”

Michael’s dad, Peter has already organised for new parts to be collected from France and he will personally deliver them to Mike on Saturday.Totallymoney.comwill be berthed at Hobson West, Auckland.

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