Libby Deegan on Menenes’ fortunes in Class 3

At the Swan Europeans in Cowes just a few short weeks ago, the Deegan’s Swan 441 Menenes finished second in the small boat class behind the French Swan Xaossa.

Throughout that regatta, the Deegans benefitted from the assistance of GBR Challenge’s Jo Richards but with a wealth of Solent knowledge themselves, their Skandia Life Cowes Week campaign is building momentum. “It was good, we had a good day today,” said Libby Deegan. The crew that fared so well in the Europeans has splintered for Cowes Week: “We’ve got a few of our regular crew but we’ve got a Cowes Week crew.” And Jo, it you’re logged on: “We always miss Jo Richards, it would be great to have Jo onboard.”

In terms of competition in Class 3, the Deegans keep tabs on the rest of the fleet but sail their own race: “We do, we look at the guys around us, Zarafa (HOD 35), Owl (HOD 35), Flair (Elan 33) – they’re the three we keep an eye on.”

At the suggestion that heavier airs might boost the fortunes of their Swan 441, Libby Deegan said: “We prefer lighter weather but we’ll see what happens on the day. We’ll get round the track. Those little boats, in a breeze they get up and plane whereas we just dig a deeper and deeper hole in the water.”

While stressing there was no surfeit of confidence in the camp, Deegan was quietly enjoying a glass of champagne in the winners’ bar. In terms of forecasting Menenes’ fortunes for the week: “Anything could happen, this is Cowes Week.”